Fundraising Parties!

Our School parties make the grades!

Raising funds on quads and blades!

Set a Date!  Let's go SK8!



Fundraising Parties!  Does your Treasury need Money? Everyone could use a little extra! Here is a great and easy way to earn money by having loads of rolling fun!


We will provide:
* Quad Rental Skates    * School Skate Night Flyers    * Fun & Games
*Adult Supervision   * 1 1/2 hour private session of Fun & Funds



The admission is $4.00 per person, including quad skate
rental.  Your organization will receive $2.00 back
on each paid admission! (minimum 50 admissions)
Kingsway Skateland takes the work out of your money
making process!  Call (270) 443-1646 or 443-1814
                          for fun and funds!