Connie Markgraf

Owner/Operator since opening January 1973.

Sandra Hall

Management, employed by Kingsway Skateland since 1986. 

Skating is great for the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. A great place for fun and exercise! I am Loving watching the next generations learning to skate!

"Treat every day as if it were your last!"

Dana Harris

Management, employed by Kingsway Skateland since 1993.

Roller skating has always played a major part in my life even before becoming an employee.  Life pretty much always revolved around Kingsway Skateland's open skating sessions. 

During my early teenage years I joined the Speed Skating Team at Kingsway.

It's very rewarding getting to see adults come skating and you can remember when they came skating as little kids.  Now they are bringing their own little kids to learn to skate.

I have two daughters ages 10 and 17 and they both have been skating since they where able to walk.

Kingsway Skateland is family oriented, full of fun, entertaining and great exercise for ALL ages. 


Roller skating is fun for everyone.  That's How We Roll!!

Gary Downs

Gary Downs, Kingsway Skateland since 1973. Started back in the day as a floor guard, moving up to management.  Worked during my years at all of the Kingsway Skateland locations. Growing up here, loving what i do.  Roller skating is a great way of life.